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Sports Car Club of America   (SCCA)

No matter what your motorsports interest, there's a program to match in the Sports Car Club of America. Whether it's competition driving, working the course or race administration, SCCA puts you in the middle of the action.

Northwest Region Sports Car Club of America

Racing: In 1961, first contract was negotiated with Pacific Raceways Inc. (now Seattle International Raceway) for race events, an association which has continued through the years. Low point was in 1976 when our racing year ended early due to hard-wire communications line failure. Regional Races were held at Shelton Airport until 1970 and at the Olympia Airport from April 1983 through September 1989.

International Conference of Sports Car Clubs (ICSSC)

The International Conference of Sports Car Clubs Inc. (ICSCC, or 'Conference') is an association of independent sports car clubs in the United States and Canada. It is a regulatory and administrative organization providing the basic guidelines for organized sports car racing in its membership area.

Cascade Sports Car Club (CSCC)

The Cascade Sports Car Club began life in 1953 as the 4 Cylinder Sports Car Club of Oregon with a total membership of fifteen.  The club name was changed to Cascade in May of 1956 and membership has since grown to more than 350 members.

International Race Drivers Club (IRDC)

The International Race Drivers Club (IRDC) was founded in 1970 and is the western Washington area member club of the International Conference of Sports Car Clubs (ICSCC). The ICSCC was formed to provide a less expensive alternative to the sports car enthusiast whose interests lay in regional competition. It allows the average person the opportunity to become a competitive race driver on a local level.

I/O Port Racing Supplies

I/O Port Racing Supplies is located in Lafayette, California and was established in June of 1988. Specializing in safety equipment, I/O Port has grown from selling helmets and suits at local race events to having a 20-page catalog and world-wide sales. We are constantly expanding our inventory to give you a more comprehensive source for racing goods. Recently we added a new book called Civic Duty, mirrors, steering wheels, more helmet graphics and Hot Lap Timing Systems. We now have the new SA-2000 rated helmets.

SpeedWare Motorsports

Our six thousand square-foot building houses a complete shop with the capability to build an entire car from the ground up.

Our retail showroom is second to none. And we now offer products through our web site. Authorized dealers of Sparco, Kinesis, BBS, Recaro, Arai, and much more.

We sell everything from official racing sportswear and artwork to safety equipment and accessories of every kind for your car or truck.

We cater to everyone from the elegant to the extreme, and the hard core enthusiast.

SpeedWare Motorsports offers something for everyone.

AstraTech Racing Technology

Free with the last issue of Racecar was a demonstration disk of the latest racecar data analysis software from the UK company, AstraTech. Over the past five years or so, AstraTech has built a reputation for supplying easy-to-use data acquisition systems. The company's products have become popular amongst teams that require accurate performance data, but lack the budget or in-house expertise to make use of more sophisticated and expensive equipment.

Auto Craze Parts & Accessories

They carry a wide variety of products and are located;
100 S.E. 1st Street, Unit 40 - Miami, Florida 33131 - Tel:(305) 358-9021 - Fax:(305) 358-4527


Auto Meter

Auto Meter is an American owned and operated company and we greatly appreciate that you have made us America's No. 1 racing instrument manufacturer. Since our beginning in 1957, we have devoted a tremendous amount of time and resources into maintaining a strong leadership role. We are serious about manufacturing the absolute best instruments in the automotive aftermarket. Our commitment to NASCAR Winston Cup, Busch Grand National, NASCAR Craftsman Series, NHRA and IHRA helps to insure that drivers can rely on the products we produce. Our involvement allows us to provide innovative, useful instruments for all classes of racing. After all, Stock Car Racing, Drag Racing and Street Rodding were "Born in America" and we are glad to be your partner in this exciting business.


Driven Performance

The Spec Miata class is designed to provide an affordable nationwide class in which all regions are using the same rules and regulations. This would allow for crossover region racing and possibly an end of the year runoff. Pending approval from the SCCA competition board and other sanctioning bodies, this class could also be made into an Autocross class. Cars could compete in different forms of racing, and drivers could work their cars from autocross forms into road racing.


The Drivers Edge Autosport

My focus, and the driving (no pun intended :)) force behind The Driver's Edge is to provide a place where car enthusiasts can congregate and discuss auto - related business, swap advice, and, hopefully, purchase enthusiast - oriented automobiles. We specialize in BMW M3s, M5s, 325iSs, and Porsche 911s, as well as having access to just about anything else you might want. Tell us what you want and we'll find it for you!


DSP Suspension Design Software

Suspension technology is highly confusing, and there's a reason for this: It is highly complex, and there is rarely any one "right" answer. Even many aftermarket manufacturers can only guess at the optimum spring and sway bar rates for their performance suspension kits. And what they build may not be what's best for you. But many of the common mistakes in suspension design are completely avoidable. That's what this software is designed to help you with. This software makes all the complicated calculations needed to design the optimum springs and sway bars for you or to help you decide which of the aftermarket components are best for your needs.


Earl's Performance Products

At Earl's, we are very proud of our track record. (Pun fully intended)

We feel this record has been the direct result of our setting the following goals when we started supplying products directly to the racer from our Lawndale retail store over 30 years ago:

  1. Supply the best product
  2. Offer the best value (not necessarily the cheapest price)
  3. Provide the best service
Today we still strive to achieve these goals through a selected network of distributors around the world.


Federal Hoses

Federal Hose Manufacturing, Inc. is a recognized leader in the manufacture and distribution of flexible interlocking metal hose, reinforced and non-reinforced industrial ducting, and silicone hose. Since the founding of our company in 1921, Federal Hose Manufacturing has been an innovator in developing and providing customers with high-quality products.

Federal Hose carries a complete line of durable, dependable hoses and ducting, available in a variety of sizes, materials and colors. Our products are produced for a variety of applications, such as material handling, ventilation, vacuum, general purpose and specialty applications.











































































































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