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I am able to offer new parts at wholesale plus 10% through many of the racing supply companies inducing Mazda of North America. Please contact: me for a quote.


Used Parts, Used Cars, and Parts Cars



Please - I am not a wrecking yard! However, I do "accumulate" cars through purchase, lien-sales, etc. and I have I do have a limited number of specific parts available. I do not sell used engines due to probable warranty problems -meaning we can not guarantee something of this type we do not know the history of, and therefore I will not sell. All of the used parts I have are obviously not listed, So if you think we might have it, give us a call.



Used Parts We Normally Have In Stock:

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1979-85 *$ 150 12A  3rd member, non-LSD.
1981-85 *$ 250 Any Limited-slip differential.  (3rd member)
*$ 100 12A Oil Coolers (mounts under filter)
*$ 200 Used Electronic Distributor, fits 74-85, with tested igniters
*$ 80 Used Igniters for 80, or 81-85 distributors (tested prior to shipping) specify if ' 80 style
*$ 50 Most Cast-iron exhaust manifolds (Non-Turbo) specify year, and model


* Web prices may change without notice, please call (253) 537-8075 for up to date price quotes.






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